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Hardtunes 2016年6月のWeekly TOP10まとめ





6月 第1週分 (記録日:06/05)

1(new). Legion - Nemesis (Original)

2(new). SRB - The Core

3(new). NSD - Quirky Noise

4(new). StereoType - Get Fucked Up

5(new). Buzz Fuzz & Delirium - B2BW Skuffa's Coldfire remix

6(new). Imil - What We Do

7(new). Paranoizer - Lessons

8(new). Groan-er - I'm Terror

9(new). Suicide Rage - Sicking Bitch

10(new). Dr. Peacock & Harry Potar - Dancing Star

6月 第2週分 (記録日:06/12)

1(new). DRS Vs NSD - Ripped Off

2(new). DRS Vs MBK - President

3(new). DRS Vs Deathshock - Bucketlist

4(new). DRS Vs Spitnoise - Can You See The Dark

5(new). Re-Style & Bodyshock - Wild Sparks

6(new). Nukem - Heavy Metal

7(). Dr. Peacock & Harry Potar - Dancing Star

8(new). Nukem - Street Fight

9(new). Nukem - Party For Your Right

10(). Buzz Fuzz & Delirium - B2BW Skuffa's Coldfire remix

6月 第3週分 (記録日:06/19)

1(new). Lady Dammage - Fear Me Bitches

2(new). Lady Dammage - Fuck It

3(new). Al Twisted & Necrotic - Search & Destroy

4(new). Furyan feat. Alee - Methods Of Mutilation (Official Dominator 2016 Anthem)

5(new). Al Twisted & Necrotic - Baddest MF

6(new). Al Twisted & Necrotic - Fighting talk

7(new). Resolver - What makes me

8(new). Miss Enemy - Take U Back

9(new). Miss Enemy - Pick It Up

10(new). Miss Enemy - I.d.e.a.

6月 第4週分 (記録日:06/27)

1(new). Partyraiser vs Cryogenic - Middle Fingers Up!

2(new). Scarphase - Black Scars

3(new). Angernoizer & Vandal!sm - Peptalk

4(new). Cryogenic Feat. Unproven - Take it or leave it

5(new). Sawtooth Feat. MC Syco - Victims

6(new). Mr. Miyagi - Tear Shit Up

7(new). Unproven - Grenade

8(). Lady Dammage - Fear Me Bitches

9(). Lady Dammage - Fuck It

10(new). Hardbouncer - Chaos (Tripped rmx)


5月の初めにUptempo Hardcore DJ/ProducerであるLady DammageがHardcore Blastersに加入。2016/06/15にリリースした加入後初のEP「Fear Me Bitches」がチャートにランクインしていました。